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Tribe of Physical Therapists Book

Learn from the top physical therapists in the world. Advice from many guests we've had on the podcast, all in one place for students like you.

From Broke to Bank

Learn from those who have already graduated PT school debt free. It is possible for you, and we've broken it down into one action a day for 30 days so you can create and implement a solid, realistic,

debt free DPT plan!

Learn Faster.

Feel Less Stressed.

Get More Money.

This guided community of SPTs is focused on getting you through PT school with less stress, and more money in your bank account by focusing on the three pillars of student success: study habits, mind health, and finances.

All while connecting you to fellow SPTs from around the world going through physical therapy school just like you.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the SPT Secret Society!

SPT Discounts and More!

What helped through PT school...

Physical Therapy school can feel overwhelming, like you're trying to drink information from a fire hydrant. So we've put together a list of what's helped us through school, discounts for you, and things that will save you lots of time, energy, and money in your journey through PT school.

Note: Some of the items below are affiliate links and by using the links you are helping support the PT Student Center.

Study Things


Learn content in your PT classes through fun stories and interactive quizzes.

Use the FREE version,

or get 20% premium by clicking here.


Use the basic plan for FREE to help you get through anatomy and neuro. Click here to get 20% off the premium plan

NPTE Things

The PT Hustle

PT Final Exam

Final Frontier

PT365 App

Finance Things

This is a HUGE topic that is not discussed enough in PT school.

That's why we have our programs to help you

graduate PT school debt free!

Below are some other things

that are super helpful:


Joe Reinke and his team have all kinds of great resources for students and new grads.

Click here for Money School.

For Fun Things

It's easy to forget to have fun when you're working so hard to get through PT school.


Andrew Tran, founder of Physiomemes, has some awesome swag and more to help spread awareness of what physical therapy

and make life humerus.

Click here to get 20% off by using the code GRADITUDE20

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