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Physical Therapy Student Center

Guiding SPTs Through School

On The First Try, Debt Free.

Study Smarter

No need to spend 30+ hrs a week staring blankly at your textbook wishing your brain would absorb it via osmosis.

Legit "Networking"

Network with students and PTs from around the world.

Finance Guidance

You can actually graduate PT school debt free- and we brought the people together who have done it so you can do it too!

Student Physical Therapist Resources

Tribe of Physical Therapists- eBook

Learn from the top physical therapists in the world. Advice from many guests we've had on the podcast, all in one place for students like you.

From Broke to Bank

Learn from those who have already graduated PT school debt free. It is possible for you, and we've broken it down into one action a day for 30 days so you can create and implement a solid, realistic,

debt free DPT plan!


"I thought I had a pretty good idea of how things worked and how much student loan debt I would be in- but I honestly was not prepared. GRADitude helped SO much! Now I actually have a plan moving forward, a strategy for how to pay for classes, and a better idea of repayment when I'm done with school."- Nyasha A.

"Thanks to this program I was able to start a side gig and have a better focus on my future finances as a pre-PT. I now run an Etsy shop focusing on providing services for PTs and pre-PTs as well as sell some cool merch."- Jessie H.

"I was your stereotypical stressed out incoming SPT, and just accepted that I had to come out with piles of debt. This program made it less overwhelming, broke it down into easy to follow steps, kept me motivated and I got a handle on my budget. I now know I am NOT destined to come out of PT school with massive debt!"- Anna P.

Learn faster.

Feel less stressed.

Get more money.

This guided community of SPTs is focused on getting you through PT school with less stress, and more money in your bank account by focusing on the three pillars of student success: study habits, mind health, and finances.

All while connecting you to fellow SPTs from around the world going through physical therapy school just like you.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the SPT Secret Society!

Don't hesitate-

reach out to us below!

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